2018/2019: Mixed Play-off

    Premier ALevel WLPPenPTS  
    Lansdown Prophecy 605410119 
    Workout Harbourside A 56580117 
    Premier BLevel WLPPenPTS  
    Lansdown Prophecy 453810118 
    David Lloyd A 34090113 
    Premier CLevel WLPPenPTS  
    Lansdown Golden Hare 315910115 
    Workout Harbourside C 30340118 
    Division 1Level WLPPenPTS  
    University of Bristol Ballers 274410116 
    Redland Squash D 22300117 
    Division 2Level WLPPenPTS  
    University of Bristol Chiefs TBD10117 
    University of Bath 3 TBD0110 

    There are no registered matches in Division 3 yet

    Division 4Level WLPPenPTS  
    Workout Harbourside E 162310115 
    Bradley Stoke Squash Club A 15850119 
    Division 5Level WLPPenPTS  
    Workout Harbourside E 136410116 
    Kingsdown A 117001110 
    Division 6Level WLPPenPTS  
    Lansdown Dark Side 103910118 
    Westbury David Lloyd C 8100114 
    Division 7Level WLPPenPTS  
    Kingsdown B 73410113 
    Keynsham B 86401110 
    Division 8Level WLPPenPTS  
    Weston 4 60210114 
    Chew Valley Winter B 6470119