Guidance on England Squash membership

    It is a requirement of Avon County Squash that players who play in any of the Avon County leagues, must be members of England Squash.The only exception to this is the doubles league. This is because, as a county, we support our National Governing Body (NGB) and, just as importantly, it means we are eligible to receive significant funding from England Squash.

    Part of our requirement with England Squash is that they can measure our conformance so it is very important that we do actually conform. If we drop below certain limits, we stand to lose a lot of money.

    This page will guide you, the club admin, on getting your players' ES membership sorted out and entering their ES numbers into the badsquash website so that they can be auto-validated with the ES membership system. This page is aimed at the club admin - i.e. an acknowledged representative of the club - but the information is made available to all.

    • The club admin needs to have a log-on to the ES website. They can do this by registering as a new user on
    • The club admin then needs to be set up as an admin on the ES website. Please ask Richard Bickers (Avon Mixed League Secretary - [email protected]) who will make that request on your behalf to the ES membership secretary. This can normally be done within 24 hours.
    • The club must be affiliated with England Squash. This is a process where the number of courts and players are declared to England Squash and they will send an invoice for the affiliation fees. It is currently £55 per court (up to 4 courts for a private club or just 1 court for a leisure centre) and £12.50 per adult player, £7.50 per junior player. Once those fees have been paid, the club is affiliated. All clubs in Avon are currently or have been affiliated so this process has already been done. In some cases, the fees are outstanding and must be settled first and in some cases the club contacts are wrong.
    • There is an alternative process for individuals to sign up directly without being affiliated to a club which is £15 per adult player, £10 per junior player but this is not covered here.
    • Log on to the ES website and, as a club admin, you should see an option to manage your club and the players in your club. From here you can add a player. Do this by entering their email address and this will cause an email request to go out to that player.
    • The player should receive an email inviting them to log on to the ES system and complete their details and activate their account. Once activated, the player will be eligible to receive the benefits of being an England Squash member. There is a list of benefits on the ES website which includes the SquashPlayer magazine and discounts from one or two sports equipment shops.
    • Even if the player hasn't done this, their name should appear on the club players list along with their new ES number. It's the number you need.
    • The ES membership number should then be entered into the badsquash website. Do this by going to the player's history page and clicking on [Edit]. Only admins or the players themselves can do this. When the player's details are saved and the history page is redrawn, you will see their newly entered number along with it's validation state which is done at the time of entry. If you see a 'V' for valid then all is well. Other validation responses could be 'I' for invalid or 'U' for unknown. Note that the player's name must be spelled the same as that entered on the ES system or it won't match'. Please contact the League Secretary for support if this is all going wrong.
    • You can use the rankings on the system to list all your club players along with their ES membership numbers by checking the ES number check box at the top. Once your teams have played a match or two, the players and membership numbers will also be shown on the team pages. You should be able to find them!

    That's it. The system will accept all players that are validated. Note that the system also records expiry date (one year after registration) so the number will remain valid without any further checks for that period.