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    BaD Premier League
    20 Feb (Tue)Workout Harbourside 110v5Wyvern ADetailHistory
    20 Feb (Tue)Avon West / Centre For Sport - K113v9Redland ADetailHistory
    Premier B
    22 Feb (Thu)University of Bristol Ballers19v6Avon West / Centre For Sport - K2DetailHistory
    19 Feb (Mon)University of Bath 119v7Lansdown 2DetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Workout Harbourside 316v8Westbury David Lloyd ADetailHistory
    Premier C
    21 Feb (Wed)Redland D18v8Bradley Stoke Squash Club ADetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)David Lloyd A8v16Weston String StrokersDetailHistory
    Division 1
    21 Feb (Wed)BAWA A20v4Lansdown 3DetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Gordano - Gordano9v17Thornbury ADetailHistory
    20 Feb (Tue)University of Bristol Chiefs16v7Kingsdown StallionsDetailHistory
    Division 2
    21 Feb (Wed)Workout Harbourside 48v14David Lloyd BDetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)University of Bath 220v0University of Bath 3DetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Redland F8v17Redland EDetailHistory
    Division 3
    21 Feb (Wed)Keynsham A16v10Workout Harbourside 5DetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Avon West / Bristol Wanderers - K420v2Thornbury BDetailHistory
    Division 4
    21 Feb (Wed)Bradley Stoke Squash Club B18v7Yate EaglesDetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Kingsdown Steeds6v16Redland GDetailHistory
    22 Feb (Thu)University of Bristol Sharks12v6Avon West / Bristol Wanderers - K5DetailHistory
    Division 5
    21 Feb (Wed)Weston Slappers17v8BAWA / KingswoodDetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Kingsdown Colts5v19University of Bath 4DetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Whitchurch Imperial A17v5Workout Harbourside 6DetailHistory
    Division 6
    20 Feb (Tue)University of Bristol Fresh10v7Lansdown 5DetailHistory
    22 Feb (Thu)Weston Skidders20v-2University of Bristol TryersDetailHistory
    21 Feb (Wed)Redland H16v6University of Bath 5DetailHistory