Avon County Racketball Closed and Avon County Squash Masters

    Dear County Member

    We would like to remind you of two events coming up in the next couple of months.

    Avon County Racketball Closed

    The first is the inaugural Avon County Racketball Closed Championships being held at Lansdown on 12/13 August.  Although this is advertised as a 2 day event it is likely that both singles and doubles will be scheduled on one day only (Saturday 12th of August).

    The number of entries is very low and this event, which the County is subsidising, is in danger of being cancelled due to lack of interest.  If you have played in the racketball league this summer this would be a fantastic way to end the season which ends on Thu 10th of August.  If you have never played racektball this is also a great chance just to give it a go.  The event will cater for all standards - even those picking up a racket for the first time.  Entry is just £10 (or £15 to include a T-shirt).

    Entries close on Saturday 5 August.


    Avon County Masters

    This event is one the the County applied to run after England Squash Masters announced their new Bronze tier events.

    The event will be run at Redland Green on the weekend of 1 - 3 September.

    We have categories for Men and Women

    Men O35 - O75

    Women O35 - O65

    Entry for Avon County Members is just £15 to include a T-shirt.

    However, we need a minimum of 50 entries for the event to be viable. Like the racketball closed the number of entries is very low and this event is also in danger of being cancelled.  If you are of an age to play masters and wondered what it is about this is a great opportunity to play such an event.  Masters squash is a thriving scene here in the UK, in Europe and around the World with masters tournaments running nearly every weekend during the season somewhere in the world. Apart from the regional events, national closed and the British Open there is a large circuit of events in Europe.  Masters squash is the largest group of players in the world at the moment. 

    Give it a go and support our first Masters event.

    Entries close on Fri 18 August 2023