Can You Help With the County's New Website?

We have started building a new website and would like to know if anyone:

  1. has photographs they would be willing to let us use to put on the home page or any other page in the site including a gallery.
  2. has copy writing skills to hone some content that they would be willing to donate to the cause

We also need actual content such as:

  1. Information about the clubs (some of which we can get from Bad site) but more about what is one during the week, what your club is about, how you welcome new members, any coaching programmes you are running etc.  We want to have a page for Clubs where each club has a listing that highlights what they do with links to their own websites/social media links
  2. Information about any tournaments/social activities related to Squash/Squash57 that Richard King does not already know about. We are putting together a Calander in our Google account which will link directly to the website. We would also like to highlight upcoming events.
  3. Any news you would like to share about your club or players you know - great thiings he or she is or has done.
  4. Any other content you think may be useful to share on the site.
  5. If you are a coach and are not known to us - assume the committee does not know everyone who is coaching please let us have some details if you would like your details included on the site

We will not get everything we receive loaded immediately but we will endeavour to get it all loaded in appropriate places on the site.

If you can help or provide content please email us at enquiries@avonsquash.co.uk.

We currently have our landing page up at www.avonsquash.co.uk whilst we start building the site. We will start publishing bits and pieces as we go rather than waiting until it is all complete.  The first thing we plan to publish is a Calendar of known events.  If you have something planned and would like it included please do let us know.