Racketball leagues - starting 3rd August

Thank you for expressing and interest for putting a racketball team in for the inaugural BAD racketball leagues this August.
The plan is to have two leagues of four teams, split into a rough estimate of ability. Details below:
Div 1
Redland A
Lansdown A
David Lloyd Long Ashton
Vivo A
Div 2
Redland B
Lansdown B
Weston Super Mare
Vivo B
Draft fixtures below. First team is at home.
3rd August
Vivo A v David Lloyd Long Ashton
Redland A v Lansdown A
Weston Super Mare v Vivo B
Lansdown B v Redland B
10th August
Vivo A v Redland A
Lansdown A v David Lloyd Long Ashton
Redland B v Vivo B
Weston Super Mare v Lansdown B
17th August
Lansdown A v  v Vivo A
David Lloyd Long Ashton v Redland A
Vivo B v Lansdown B
Redland B v Weston Super Mare
24th August
David Lloyd Long Ashton v Vivo A
Lansdown A v Redland A
Vivo B v Weston Super Mare
Redland B v Lansdown B
31st August
Redland A v Vivo A
David Lloyd Long Ashton v Lansdown A
Vivo B v Redland B
Lansdown B v Weston Super Mare
7th September
Vivo A v Lansdown A
Redland A v David Lloyd Long Ashton
Lansdown B v Vivo B
Weston Super Mare v Redland B
If you have an issues with them, please let me know as soon as possible. If not, please can you start booking courts. 
I've broadly copied the rules from the Warwickshire racketball league that I've played in
- Teams of four
- Best of five games, Point a rally to 11, two clear 
- Black racketball to be used
- Official racketball rules to be followed
- No compulsory food afterwards
- Matches to start at the usual time for that club's squash team matches
- Matches to be on Thursday nights throughout August and early September.
I'm keen for this to not be taken 'too' seriously, although none of us like losing..
Any questions on any of this, please let me know!
Best of luck