AGM Agenda

    Dear County Memeber

    The Avon County and BaD Squash AGM will take place on Saturday, 11th of June 2021 from 7:30-9:30pm.

    The AGM will take place during the County Closed Squash Championships which are being held at Lansdown on the same weekend.

    Here's the link and a meeting reminder you can add to your calendar

    The Agenda is as follows:

    1. Apologies for  Absence
    2. Matters Arising
    3. Approval of Minutes
    4. 21/22 Financial Report
    5. League Review
    6. Teams Review
    7. Election of Officers
    8. Looking Forward
    9. Awards
    10. AOB

    No nominations for Officers have been received.

    Current Trustees of Avon Squash and Racketball Association are:

    Richard Bickers

    Duncan Higgins

    Seamus Singh

    Current elected officers of the committee are:

    Chairman: Seamus Singh (Workout)

    Secretary: Vacant

    Treasurer: Duncan Higgins  (Workout)

    Mixed League Secretary: Richard Bickers (Redland)

    Ladies League Secretary: Wendy Harrison (Lansdown)