Spare Rackets Initiative

    As we head into a new year and the spring cleans and clear outs begin, we wanted to get going on an initiative that's been talked about for a while in the county - a spare rackets amnesty.
    There's already a lot of great work around the county to provide good rackets to some of our clubs for people to borrow when they first play squash. But, we're keen to widen this out to as much as possible within Avon and give all clubs an opportunity to benefit.
    If you have any spare squash or racketball rackets that are getting dusty in the cupboard and would like a more active life again, we'd love to take them off your hands. Get in touch and we can arrange to collect, clean, regrip, and get them ready to be donated to a local squash court. 
    If your local squash courts (Club, Leisure Centre, School etc) have a need for some extra rackets to loan out to players new to squash, then please reach out and we can provide some of the donated rackets.
    If you're keen or have any questions, please get in touch.
    Have a great start to the year!