County Bounce Back Grant Programme

    Dear County Member

    In conjunction with funding received from England Squash this year and our own funds we are excited to announce that we are launching the Avon County Bounce Back Grant Scheme.  This scheme is open to all active clubs in the County.

    We are able to provide funding of up to £100 per club for a post lockdown event.  The conditions for use of the funds are quite relaxed but ultimately this is about assisting with getting people back on court and playing.

    Any event you want to put on must meet the conditions for return to play in effect on the date of the event.  For further information about the current rules please visit Return to Play Phases on the England Squash website is for publicity.

    To apply please complete the a simple application form and return to the Committee at or pass it on to the person in your club responsible for event planning.


    Best wishes

    The Committee