Hi Everyone!
    As we move into October the first home match of the PSL season begins to loom... Everything is moving along nicely and we have our team confirmed, so let me introduce them :)
    At Number 1 we have the former British Junior Open Champion Youssef Soliman. Youssef is only 21 but is improving at a staggering rate, recently returning from winning his biggest PSA Title in Pakistan, beating top 30 players consistently. He is at his Highest World Ranking of 37. 
    At Number 2 we have Tom Ford, who reached a highest World Ranking of 60 and won 6 PSA Titles. 
    At Number 3 we have David Baillargeon, an exciting French Canadian who has recently based himself in Bristol. He is currently ranked 100 in the World Rankings.
    At Number 4 we have old crowd favourite Mike Harris, now based in Exeter, who reached a highest World Ranking of 115. 
    And at Number 5 we are delighted to announce one of our new signings, Joshna Chinappa. Joshna is the Female Indian Number 1 and is the Current World Number 14. She is spending more and more time in Bristol. so let's give her a warm welcome!
    For more information about the team for this first fixture, follow the team on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, where there will be short video interviews where you can get to know the players a little better. All can be found by searching @bristolpslteam
    To get your tickets for this first home match of the season, follow this link to Headfirst, a Bristol based online ticketing service :) -
    Thank you for your support and stay tuned for more updates. If you have any questions or ideas don't hesitate to get in touch.