Half term fixtures

If you're having trouble getting a team together for the half term week then it's OK to rearrange as long as:

  • Both teams are happy
  • The new fixutre is before April 13th

With Easter being so early, I wasn't able to avoid half term in general so quite a few teams have ended up with fixtures that week. Do please try to get a team together (and bear in mind, all teams are in the same boat) but if you really can't then rearrangement is a possibility.

The university teams are also struggling in general this half as they have so many weeks they can't make so they are also making use of the post-Easter fortnight too. It's a bit of a crush, as always, but those extra weeks are there if you need them.

Do let me know if you rearrange so I can update the system. I'll need to hear that both teams are happy!